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Drama Club 2021-2022 

Click the PDF for the full digital script. 

Seussical Important Dates 


Below are the listed dates that students should be off book (have the lines memorized) for their part in the show. 




January 24th  “Oh The Thinks You Can Think” through “”biggest Blame Fool/Gertrude McFuzz


January 31st “Here on Who” through “Oh The Thinks (Reprise)”


February 14th “It’s Possible” through “Alone in the Universe”


February 21st “The One Feathered Tail” through “Monkey Around/Chasing the Who’s”


February 28th “Notice Me Horton” through “Egg Nest and Tree” 


March 7th  “Sold/Mayzie in Palm Beach” through “Alone in the Universe (Reprise 1)”


March 21st “Solla Sollew” through “Yopp!” You have two weeks to learn all of these


March 28th “Alone in the Universe” through “Oh the Thinks You Can Think (Finale)”




The show will likely be on a Sunday afternoon. Either April 24th or May 1st are the current dates that are being looked into as potential weeks for the show. There should be a definitive time and date set for the show by the end of January if not sooner.

The buttons above will direct you to a link that contains a playlist of all of the songs with and without vocals. This way you can work on learning the songs you are in and practice your part on your own.

Seussical Cast List 

Listed in order of appearance during show

Many performers are also listed as a Who in addition to their role. Check to see if you are listed twice!

Jojo - Lyla 
Cat in the Hat - Angelina
Horton - Amarii
Mr. Mayor - Julian
Mrs. Mayor-Aaliyah S. 
Gertrude - Carolyn
Mayzie - Aysia 
Wickersham 1 - Luis 
Wickersham 2 - Ethan
Wickersham 3 - Liam
Bird Girl 1 - Ella 
Bird Girl 2 - Richelle
Bird Girl 3 - Jasmine 
Bird Girl 4 - Aaliyah C.
Sour Kangaroo-Odessa
Young Kangaroo-Arianna A.
Yertle the Turtle-Alex
Vlad Vladikoff-CJ

Arianna A.
Aaliyah S. 


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